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Our Story

Eco Farms has been growing, packing, shipping and distributing avocados for over 40 years. The company was founded by two friends, Steve Taft and Norm Traner. Our lean operations allow us to give you the consideration and attention your business deserves;we aim to work with you to make your business even better.In this industry we find that relationships are key, so our highest priority is your trust. We want there to be no doubt that we will deliver.

What We Do 

Marketing extensive varieties of organic and conventional Avocados, Citrus, and exotic fruits such as Kumquats and Dragon Fruit. Eco Farms owns and grows on over 700 acres in California, partnering with local growers and importing fruit from North & South America. Our Growers are located in California, Mexico, The Dominican Republic, Peru, Chile and soon Colombia. Eco Farm's retail and food service partners range from national chain giants to local and regional markets and restaurant chains from San Diego to San Francisco and all the way to San Antonio, New York and beyond.

What sets Eco Farms apart from the competition is our exclusive organic relationships; our use of the latest Compac technology on the packing line and our commitment to quality; we are the only packing house in the world currently fitted to treat both citrus and avocados with Apeel’s shelf life extending products. Additionally, our value-added services include proficiency in both organic and conventional produce; custom packing and bagging; source packing and forging global partnerships for sourcing and marketing.


 Pictured with Steve is Nick Stehly, Sr., one of our organic growers for over 40 years.












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